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Graduate collection AW17

17007-0217-F_A08_0092 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A08_0080 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A07_0064 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A09_0141 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A09_0178 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A09_0059 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A09_0096 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A09_0070 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A05_0125 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A05_0118 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A06_0094 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A06_0135 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A09_0013 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A06_0041 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A03_0198 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A03_0145 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A07_0031b Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A02_0083 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A04_0012 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A02_0048 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A01_0196 Kopie.jpg
17007-0217-F_A01_0169 Kopie.jpg

featured by the atlas magazine 07 2017

photographer quirin siegert

design+styling vanessa baernthol

hair&makeup tanja schuster

model lara isabell cevari

VB_UnSchönheit_digitale Ausgabe_01_new3.



what is beauty? is it even possible to define beauty? does beauty really stand for the flawless image created by the cosmetic industry and social media? everything looks perfect – no edges, no flaws, no marks, no mistakes, no individualism, no relation to reality. all of that is an illusion. we try hard to fulfill the ideal of nowadays society – but what for? everything looks the same and nothing stays in memory. is that the real understanding of beauty?

the collection Un|schönheit is a countermovement to that ideal, particularly inspired by these features like birth marks, thin skin, visible veins, skin pigmentation, port-wine stains and hematoma that are viewed by society as flaws and oftentimes tried to be hidden. albinism, another key topic, is associated with disease that some people are born with but at the same time it makes the human body unique. every mark makes the human body something special and recognizable.

this collection has the purpose of showcasing the beauty of imperfect marks, the materials include transparent fabrics to show the skin in its whole appearance and a digital print of blood capillaries is conspicuously placed on the fabric of the key items. 

VB_UnSchönheit_digitale Ausgabe_02_22new
VB_UnSchönheit_digitale Ausgabe_02_22new


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